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Fundraising Start Date: September 2020
Completion Date:  January 2021
Money Raised:  $10,000 USD

Continuing needs: approximately $400 per month

The skatepark in Villarreal was built in 2013, by the help of Accion Joven, CEPIA, and other generous donors on private property owned by the local High School.  Unfortunately the skatepark was subsequently closed, due to poor management and conflicting interests.  The park sat empty and unused for many years, save for the occasional trespassing skater who would jump the fence and skate until getting kicked out by the security guards. 

Then Happy Feet's founder, Nova Everson, who is an avid skater in the area, approached the High School Board to discuss how the park could be re-opened to the public.  The School directors said the park needed to have it's own bathrooms, a reception area and a separate entrance so it could still be part of the school, but managed by a third party organization.  Nova and Happy Feet initiated a fund raising campaign in September 2020 to build the requested bathrooms, reception area and entrance, and even installed lights!  In January 2021, the park was reopened, and now hosts after school skate clubs, and various weekend hours are open to the public! 


Since it's still part of the High School, there must always be an adult supervising, and there are other ongoing costs to continue this project. Contact us if you're interested in helping with this project.  

You can  be an official sponsor of the Villarreal Skatepark and have your advertisement or artwork on the wall at the skatepark for $300 per year.  You can also donate to help keep this skatepark running.  Contact Nova +506-8705-4588

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Project #2:
Happy Feet Center

Fundraising Start Date:  July 2021

Fundraising Goal:  $10,000

Completed:  September 2021

Continuing needs:  $650 per month

Happy Feet Center, is a community center and skatepark located on the roof top terrace above Pinto Quemado at Wilmart Grocery Store in Playa Grande.  


Come enjoy the skatepark on any day, even if it's rainy because it's under roof! 


At Happy Treats cafe, offer sweet homemade, delicious, healthy snacks, Free Wifi, corn hole, balance boards, chess, checkers, and other games.  


Along with the camps, afterschool clubs, and other events, we also host kids movie nights one Friday per month, youth clubs and meetings. Open 7 days a week, with Kids Clubs from 3 to 5 pm and open Skate from 5 to 7 pm. Private classes are available. 

Click here to see the full Weekly Schedule of Playa Grande Roof Top Skatepark. 


The ramps at this park are wooden and require yearly maintenance.  Contact us if you'd like to sponsor this park or donate to help keep the ramps in good shape year round.  +506-8705-4588



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